Are You At Risk For Oral Cancer?

Are You At Risk For Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is diagnosed in an estimated 50,000 people each year in the US, and it can be treated when detected early, so your chances of beating it depend on how soon you find it.  

The most important step in reducing the death rate from oral cancer is early discovery. At Keystone Dental Arts, we are invested in creating awareness and promoting the oral cancer screenings that can literally save lives.  This is why Dr. Christian and each of our hygienists always perform an oral cancer screening as part of your routine cleaning, periodic exam or check-up.

In addition to maintaining regular dental visits, you should understand the risk factors and learn how to self-exams for possible symptoms.

Like other screenings you engage in such as cervical, skin, prostate, colon and breast examinations, oral cancer screenings should be part of your annual health check-ups, as an effective means of finding cancer at its early, highly curable stages.

While a biopsy is the only way to detect oral cancer, regular dental visits provide opportunity to identify suspicious areas that warrant further evaluation.

If you are overdue for a periodic dental exam, please call us at 603.692.9229 or visit our website to schedule your appointment with us today.

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