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Preparing For Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Preparing For Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Going to the dentist is something we should all be doing twice a year every year, and it’s something we should make sure our children are doing too. If you and your children are already coming in for regular cleanings, that’s wonderful! If you’re preparing for your child’s first dentist visit, here’s what parents can expect from us to help make it a stress-free experience.

Keystone Kids Club

We believe the journey to good oral health begins with healthy habits. Participating in the Keystone Kids Club is our way of helping your child get off to a great start!

New and existing patients are invited to join the Keystone Kids Club! All children ages 3 and up are invited to join and are welcome to stay in the club until they lose all their baby teeth (generally between age 10-13).

keystone kids club passport cover Kids Club members earn points at dental visits that can be cashed in for prizes. With opportunity to earn points for things like no new cavities, losing a baby tooth, or simply arriving on time for an appointment – every visit becomes a fun visit!

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Happy Visit

Your child’s first dental visit is a Happy Visit to allow your child to get comfortable at our office and to provide them with a stress-free experience. We know that coming to the dentist for the first time can be scary for kids, so our staff takes the time to get to know each child, engage them during their visit, educate them about their teeth, and give them the best dental experience possible.

ribbit the frog keystone kids club mascotDuring this introduction, you will accompany your child as they get a short tour of our office, meet the hygienist, explore the operatory room and then meet the doctor. Next, we’ll get them signed up for our Keystone Kids Club, when they will meet our mascot, Ribbit.

If your child is feeling comfortable at this stage, we can often turn a happy visit into their first dental appointment.

Child’s First Dentist Visit:

smiling girl in chair at dentist appointmentWhen visiting for your child’s first dentist visit, there are a few things that will typically happen.

  • We clean your child’s teeth and provide tips for daily care, discuss teething, pacifier use, or finger/thumbsucking habits
  • Inspect for oral injuries, cavities or other problems
  • Let you know about your children’s dental health and if your child is at risk of developing tooth decay
  • We’ll talk with you and your child about the best ways to clean and care for their teeth.
  • Discuss treatment, if needed, and schedule the next check-up
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Tips For Preventing Cavities:


  • Limit sugary foods and drinks, including juices (especially from a bottle).
  • Avoid giving your child sticky foods.
  • Choose nutritious snacks.
  • Limit the frequency of meals and snacks, as the acidic reaction that occurs after eating can last approximately 20 minutes and lead to the destruction of the tooth structure and cavities. Try including any treats during the child’s normal mealtime, instead of later.
  • We all must brush three times a day for about two minutes. Timing this routine to your child’s favorite music or song makes brushing fun! Flossing once daily is also recommended. Work with your child, and coach them in proper brushing technique until about age ten.

Why Visiting The Dentist Is Important

Cavities are preventable, and the earlier healthy habits are established, the better. Even for children with great oral health habits like brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily, visiting the dentist every six months is crucial to maintaining your children’s dental health. The reason for this is that dental problems don’t go away on their own and tend to get worse, which also makes them more difficult (and expensive) to fix. Regular dental checkups catch problems early so that more intense treatment doesn’t become necessary.

We Can’t Wait To See You!

Whether it’s been six months or longer since the last time we saw you and your child, we’re looking forward to seeing you again! Schedule your child’s first dentist visit right away, and we can make sure everything in their mouth is healthy and clean.