It’s Half Past Your Dental Benefits Plan Year!

half past dental benefits plan year

Let Us Help You Maximize

Your Dental Benefits For This Year!

Insurance Benefits Typically Don’t Roll Over To Next Year. Use Them Before You Lose Them!

Before year’s end, our staff at Keystone Dental Arts wants to remind you to take a look at maximizing your dental insurance benefits!

Each year, your dental insurance company usually gives you a maximum amount of available benefits. Since those benefits don’t typically roll over into the following year, you’ll want to contact us now to get your appointment scheduled!

Life can get really busy. We all know how it is, once the kids go back to school, suddenly the holiday season is upon us—hectic! So remember that your dental health is incredibly important—not just for the sake of your teeth, but for your overall health. If you’re due (or overdue) for an appointment, make sure to call us. Summer is the perfect time to get into the schedule and take advantage of those dental insurance benefits before time is up!

keystone dental arts staff Unsure if you have dental benefits remaining? Give us a call at 603.692.9229 – we are happy to do the research for you.

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