PAWSitive Patients CRUSH Floss Like A Boss Campaign Goal!

PAWSitive Patients CRUSH Floss Like A Boss Campaign Goal!

Flossing is an essential practice in taking care of your teeth and gums, and The American Dental Association (ADA) has long recommended cleaning between your teeth once a day. 

As we all know, life is busy, and some aspects of our oral health routine can take a back seat to the demands of daily life.

Most people won’t skip brushing, but we find when something’s got to give, flossing may be skipped to save time. While a day without flossing won’t hurt, it can disrupt the routine of habit and people may have a hard time returning to it. When you do not clean between your teeth daily, plaque can build up over time, leading to cavities and gum disease.

To reinforce ADA recommendations and remind patients of the importance of daily flossing, Keystone Dental Arts held the Floss Like A Boss campaign during the month of May.

The promotion was combined with a message to do something PAWSitive for our community. For each patient who took the pledge to Floss Like A Boss – floss once a day for 30 days, Keystone agreed to pledge $5 to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society (CVHS).

KDA patients were quick to support a good cause and take the pledge!

The campaign goal was to achieve 50 pledges for a $250 donation to CVHS. Practice manager, Victoria Ingersoll said, “We are always looking for new ways to encourage good oral health care habits, support our community and reinforce our patient relationships. Studies show it takes 21-30 days to form a habit and the Floss Like A Boss campaign allowed us to have a little fun getting across a message we promote every day. Our patients did such a great job getting on board with this dual cause, Dr. Christian decided to match the pledges with another $250!”

As a result, the Keystone Cares team will be presenting CVHS with a $500 donation for “Bring Us Home,” the capital campaign to build their new shelter.

“This was a wonderful challenge…my kids love animals so the donation to CVHS was a great incentive…And I’m happy to report it’s worked! They’ve both flossed at least once every day this month! So proud of them! Thank you for creatively encouraging flossing in my kiddos!” ~ Sara Smith, mother of Keystone Kids, Camden and Haven Smith


While CVHS staff continues to provide loving care for the animals, the current facility is limited and outdated. Keystone Dental Arts is proud to support the Bring Us Home campaign, which will help to fund a new 11,000 square foot facility that will enable CVHS to increase adoptions, enhance community programs and expand its veterinary technician training program in partnership with the University of New Hampshire.

For more information on the CVHS Bring Us Home capital campaign, visit

Thank you to everyone who took the pledge and helped us to help CVHS!

Dr. Christian reminds you to always “Floss Like A Boss” – at least once a day, every day!

If you have concerns about the affects of not flossing, plaque build-up or gum disease, we encourage you to schedule a visit with our office today!

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